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Roxbox is the brainchild of Master Architect and Chief Engineer Karim Metwalli. Whether it's complex website architecture or interactive scheduling, Roxbox has the expertise to deliver client-specific web development solutions that exceed expectations.


As our consumer culture grows and prospers, it seems to do so at the expense of our schedules. With so much on the go, web users increasingly need help managing their time.

Roxbox provides time-management and scheduling tools for websites.

Our scheduling tools are flawlessly engineered to be fast, error-free, simple to use, and adaptable to our clients' needs. Roxbox offers a fully-implemented single- or multi-user scheduling solution for

  • team schedules
  • social time-management
  • appointment scheduling

Not only are we really clever at coming up with solutions to get your schedule in order, we build tools that allow users to communicate their schedules with family or team members, social circle, care providers, educators, etc.

For an example of a Roxbox custom scheduling solution, visit:

complete solution

For increasingly tech-savvy web users, a static website-in-a-box simply doesn't address their needs. Our specialty is providing master engineering for complex, dynamic web pages.

Roxbox provides complete webpage architecture and engineering solutions.

Roxbox can build websites from A - Z, from homepage to features such as sign-in, authorizations, message boards, photo gallery, dynamic commerce, and of course schedules. is a great example of a Roxbox-engineered website.

roxbox products

In addition to providing internet solutions for a diverse portfolio of clients, Roxbox owns and operates a number of web properties. All of our sites are conceived and developed under the umbrella of scheduling solutions, which is our passion and driving force. Online event creation and management. Online scheduling tool for babysitting.