about us

Roxbox is a grass-roots, home-spun, old-fashioned business that has been carefully constructed from the ground up. The guiding principle behind every project we take on remains simplifying scheduling needs, and we are ready to tackle this challenge one website at a time, building relationships with clients that enable us to create truly individual customized solutions.

photo of Karim Metwalli

Karim Metwalli

Chief Engineer, founder

It was at the tender age of 6 that Karim started writing code in BASIC and Logo on a Texas Instrument computer: the kind that takes a cartridge. Maturing at a parallel rate to the PC, Karim was 16 years old when a school friend initiated him to the magic of recursive algorithms in Pascal on a 386. At that pivotal moment, Karim decided that his destiny was to be among the stars of the elite academy of software developers.

After completing his Computer Engineering degree in 1996 (University of Montréal), Karim joined Corel, where he worked on the desktop database Paradox, part of the WordPerfect Office Suite. It was during this time that Karim first became comfortable working in C++ applications involving multiple millions of lines of code. An early adopter of the RealPlayer G2 in 1997, Karim realized that he needed to be a part of the media revolution that computers were enabling. In 1999, Karim joined the RealPlayer team, going on to work for RealNetworks for 7 years, during which time he developed his project management skills and leadership skills as Program Manager.

Having devoted the early part of his career creating wealth for others, Karim then decided to go into business for himself. In 2006, he incorporated “Technologie Metwalli”, the precursor to Roxbox, a turnkey technology and programming solutions company. Karim is fluent in MASM, C, C++, PHP, JS, MySQL, and JAVA; as well as English and French.

photo of Justine McIntyre

Justine McIntyre

marketing and communications

Coming from a musical family, Justine began her career as a classical pianist, graduating from McGill University in 1998, and following up with a certificate in Arts Management from University of Washington in 2004. A natural communicator and always ready to take on new challenges, Justine performed a dramatic career change in 2008 when she went to work in sales for Rehau, a German-based multi-national polymers company.

Transitioning from Rehau to freelance marketing and communications, Justine is enthusiastic about bringing Roxbox technology solutions to a range of clients. Justine also devotes time to teaching music workshops, and working in communications for Dans la rue, a Montréal charity dedicated to helping street kids. Justine is a mother of three, and still finds time to tickle the ivories once in awhile.